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Annual $15,000 donation from Dr. John Pinkerton advances AFO Scholarship program

July 26, 2023

The passing of an architectureloving scientist, Dr. John (Jack) Pinkerton, has led to the Architecture Foundation of Oregon Scholarship program becoming a beneficiary of Pinkertons charitable fund. AFO will receive an annual $15,000 from Pinkertons estate to advance and sustain our existing scholarships for Oregon architecture students. This is a huge step forward for AFO as we continue to center and expand our scholarships to students who are historically underrepresented in the field of architecture and building professions.

AFO Scholarships, such as the Hatfield Architectural Award and the PCC Architecture + Interior Design Scholarship, have long been supported by smaller contributions from architecture, engineering, and construction firms and individuals. The Pinkerton donation ensures that AFO will have a source of sustainable funding to continue awarding scholarships and support our teams administration of these programs.

The AFO Staff and Board of Directors are immensely grateful for the impact this will have on our team and scholarship recipients moving forward. A special thank you to Pinkertons mentee who identified AFO as a beneficiary and recognized the impact this funding will have on our organization. AFO now has the security to respond to the demand for growth that we are experiencing with our Scholarship program, and award students pursuing architecture and building professions for many years to come.

AFO awarded $38,000 in scholarships to eight architecture and art students in Oregon in 2023. Learn more about AFO Scholarships.


About Dr. John Pinkerton (19452022)

Pinkerton was an agricultural scientist with a deep passion for architecture. As mentioned in his obituary, Jack dedicated much of his life to developing sustainable living and agricultural practices. A skilled carpenter, he singlehandedly renovated his Corvallis home to be as close to carbon neutral as possibleHis professional life focused on developing sustainable practices to manage plant diseases in agriculture.

Read Pinkertons full obituary.