The Evolution of Egansville

We are so excited to announce that AFO has created AiS curricula in partnership with PAE Engineers to accompany this wonderful book they published. It follows a group of friends in the tiny town of Egansville. The town has been dealing with the effects of a landslide that has wreaked havoc on power and water resources. Luckily, a group of spunky kids come to the rescue using creative problem solving and design thinking – showing how kids have the ability to make important choices that help each other and make their community better!

You can access the book directly from the link below and read it to students during distance learning or by projecting the pages from a computer and/or smart board in the classroom. If you would like to avoid any initial ads, you can create an account on Issuu (the electronic publishing platform) that will enable you to go straight to the book.

Access the eBook here

Evolution of Egansville Curricula

This book can easily accompany any AiS residency and work into your AiS goals. In partnership with PAE Engineers, AFO has developed two Architects in Schools curriculum guide lessons that can accompany their book. See the curriculum guide lessons below.

If you are interested in piloting some of the lessons and activities related to this book, please contact as soon as possible as we would love your feedback.

Evolution of Egansville AiS Lessons:

“The Evolution of Egansville” by Rachel Roellke Coddington