The 2020 application process is closed. A request for applications is announced in November with a January deadline.

Supporting Oregon Architecture Students

AFO’s 1998 Honored Citizen, Senator Mark O. Hatfield, remains one of Oregon’s most respected and admired statesmen. His contributions to Oregon and the country are many, including funding for dozens of important public buildings throughout Oregon. Senator Hatfield passed away in 2011.

In honor of the late Senator’s own interest in architectural design and commitment to service, AFO’s Senator Mark O. Hatfield Architectural Award was established in 1998 to annually recognize an Oregon architecture student for their design promise and community service.

Applying for the Award

AFO encourages Oregon architecture students with a passion for serving their community through thoughtful, collaborative, community centered design to apply for the Hatfield Architectural Award. An essay and portfolio of work must represent candidates’ commitment to community service and design excellence.

$4,000 Scholarship
Application Deadline: Friday, January 24, 2020, 11:59pm


  • Undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled in University of Oregon or Portland State University architecture program
  • Commitment to community service outside of school and relative to applicant’s community
  • Demonstrated ability for quality architectural design and academic achievement

Application Requirements

  • 2020 Hatfield Application Cover Sheet
  • One-page essay outlining your experience with community service and how you aspire to use architecture and design to address a challenge facing either your specific community or Oregonians in general
  • Design portfolio with three examples of architectural work – can be architecture or community focused – maximum of 3 pages per project
    1. Must include one project completed individually (not a group project)
    2. If including group projects, describe applicant’s role
    3. If applicable, please include a project illustrating an architectural design that responds to a community need or challenge
  • Two letters of recommendation addressing candidate’s achievement and potential in design and commitment to community service – letters must not exceed one page and must be emailed directly by the recommender to
    1. One letter from architectural faculty
    2. One letter from a community member
  • Current transcript with GPA
  • Deadline: Friday, January 24, 2020, 11:59pm – send all application components in one PDF no larger than 10MB to (except letters of recommendation which should be sent directly from the recommender)

Portfolios, essays, transcripts and reference letters are evaluated by a committee of AFO board members and representatives. Applicants will be notified of the selection committee’s decision by March 1. Undergraduate and graduate students are evaluated based on the merits of their experience.

The selected applicant will be asked to attend our annual Hatfield Scholars Luncheon to receive their award.

Previous applicants who have not received an award are welcomed and encouraged to reapply.

2019 – Mohamed Fakhry, PSU & Zachary Sherrod, UO
2018 – Lisa Patterson, PSU
2017 – William Chandler, PSU
2015 – Genevieve Wasser, PSU & Matthew Rusnac, PSU
2014 – Kiara Galicinao, UO
2013 – Laura Levenberg, UO
2012 – Annie Ledbury, UO
2011 – April Ng, PSU & Cameron Cole, UO
2010 – Amy Perenchio, UO
2008 – Lorraine Glynn, UO
2007 – Adrienne Leverette, UO
2006 – Matthew Brown, UO
2006 – Merit Awards – Daniel Toole, UO & Emily Knudsen, UO
2004 – Matthew Brown, UO
2003 – Richard Meakins, UO & Nate McCoy, UO
2002 – Trevor Lewis, UO
2001 – Eric Black, UO
2000 – Benjamin Gates, UO
1999 – John Lopez, UO
1998 – Timothy Keil, UO

Scholar Spotlight

Willy Chandler
2017 Hatfield Scholar Portland State Un.

“The scholarship enabled me to take part in a design build trip to Ecuador with PSU and the Center for Public Interest Design. The recognition also certainly played a part in my securing a job with Architectural Nexus, an office grounded in a philosophy of environmental stewardship and social equity.”

2019 Hatfield Scholars

Zachary Sherrod (left) & Mohamed Fakhry (right), 2019 Hatfield Scholars

We are pleased to announce our two 2019 Scholars, Mohamed Fakhry, Portland State University and Zachary Sherrod, University of Oregon.

Mohamed Fakhry, fourth year undergraduate student at Portland State University, aspires to create architecture that represents the communities he is rooted to and have shaped him, including NE Portland and Senegal, where he spent a majority of his childhood. He is passionate about finding “new and innovative approaches to build self-sustainable communities where members of all ages would be able to strive, learn, and grow to become productive, engaged, and successful members of society.” He is engaged in several volunteer organizations including the PSU Student Sustainability Center, Oregon Food Bank, Solve Oregon and Portland Adventist Community Services.

Zachary Sherrod, senior undergraduate student at University of Oregon, is engaged and interested in affordable housing solutions, specifically in rural Oregon communities like his hometown of La Grande. Through his Honors College thesis, he is researching the politics of affordable housing in the Whiteaker neighborhood of Eugene where population growth has outpaced development. He aspires to serve those who need housing most through sustainable and affordable solutions. “Our pursuit of environmentalism and equity must proceed in tandem. If green architecture is to be universal, then it must be affordable.”

Hatfield Scholars Luncheon


Candice Agahan
Education Programming Associate

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