Thank you for joining us on October 4th to celebrate Lillian Pitt

Our Signature Event of the Year

Every year, the broader architecture community comes together for one night to honor the contributions of a member of our community and support the mission of the Architecture Foundation of Oregon. AFO Honored Citizens are celebrated for their significant contributions to Oregon’s designed environment. Chosen by a committee of peers from across the field, the Honored Citizen award is one of the most prestigious in the state.

Since 1993, AFO has honored public officials, community advocates, statewide organizations, philanthropists, developers, artists, architects and more. The event is held annually at the Oregon Convention Center and serves as AFO’s signature event.

2022 Honored Citizen, Lillian Pitt

Lillian Pitt at podium wrapped in blanket with native inspird design.

Thank you for joining us for an evening of community, performance, and inspiration. This year, AFO celebrated Lillian Pitt who has helped shape our state through her work as an artist, mentor, and advocate. Lillian was born on the Warm Springs Reservation and is of Warm Springs, Wasco, and Yakima descent.

Lillian’s art has been at the heart of numerous building projects across the state and around the world. Many structures around the Pacific Northwest have been elevated by Lillian’s work. With the Confluence project, she designed the Welcome Gate for the Vancouver Land Bridge; her art also adorns Portland Tri-Met stations, the Native American Student Center at Portland State University, as well as sites in Sapporo, Japan.

Telling the story of her ancestors through her art – whether large-scale public art installations or smaller pieces of intricately designed jewelry – Lillian is an artist whose work is all around us. But her impact is not limited to the pieces she has produced. Lillian is a deeply committed mentor to numerous Indigenous artists from across the Pacific Northwest. By encouraging and cultivating the next generation of Native American artists, Lillian is ensuring that the Indigenous story of Oregon is remembered and honored.

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Member Spotlight

John Maternoski
Founder/Editor Portland Design Pup

“I enjoy the event because of the diversity of people it attracts – I see people there that I don’t see anywhere else… It’s a great cross-section, and I think it leads to introductions and conversations that benefit our community that wouldn’t happen elsewhere.”


Susan Myers
Associate Director